At-Home Insemination & Gyn Care (and soon prenatal care and birth!*)

Community Gyn Care provides at-home Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and well gynecological care to the Brooklyn/NYC community. We are dedicated to unrushed, respectful, and personalized care. It is a privilege for us to help you grow your family, which means our work is always to facilitate your process.  Visits take place in your own home, as this is the best setting to ensure you feel safe and comfortable.

We offer intrauterine insemination, natural fertility counseling and preconception visits, as well as well-gyn care, including annual exams, routine bloodwork, pap smears, STI screening, and family planning/contraception counseling and prescribing.

To care for your body and take ownership of your health is a radical act.  To care for each other as members of a greater community is, too, a key part of the work for social justice. Listening closely with open ears and an open mind creates a space in which people will receive the care that is right for them.  Our entering your space lays the foundation for a relationship between caregiver and client that is horizontal rather than hierarchical; it promotes your comfort and relaxation by recognizing the need for safe and protected space .  We bill on a sliding scale because high quality respectful care should not be available to some and out of reach of most.

Queer & Gender Nonconforming friendly. Servicios también ofrecidos en español.

*Exciting news!  As of January, 2017 CGC will be expanding to offer prenatal care and births!  Keep an eye out for Community Midwifery Care coming soon!